The story so far…

Everyone has a story to tell, mine may be no different to yours. However, we can all learn from each other and that in itself can be helpful.

Today I find myself at a crossroads. Ten years ago I moved from my hometown to another ‘country’, I  put that word in commas because it is still part of the UK, but it does, indeed, have its own language, so, therefore, I am respectful to that.

I ran a business for six years, and during that time, my life was nothing, but filled with drama and disappointment. Within the first two years, I found myself in a marriage that was not fit for purpose. His sole purpose was money, cash was seen going into the register behind the bar, and that was his focus. Two months into our marriage, he got handy with his fist, yes you can see where this is going but it is not a ‘woe me’ story. During this period, the bank decided to do the dirty and sold all our pubs off and left us in limbo land. Long story short, a kind man purchased my pub and wanted me to stay

After fifteen months of marriage, I ended up in the hospital with lacerations to my head and bruises. The union was done, a court case and a restraining order later, I found myself in another toxic relationship. He was back and forth all the time, but as I was still recovering from the last one, I began to think it was me. So I put up with it for three years!

During this time, I went through ill-health, a significant operation and due to not being able to work, I had no choice but to tell the nice man who now owned my pub that I had to leave. He was okay with this, and so my toxic partner and myself went. Due to ill health, I could not work, so I was climbing the walls. It just was not me! But the time off was what I needed. I learnt to write, I did online courses and eventually found a job in an entirely different sector from what I was used to, which was hospitality and entertainment.

During my time in this sector, I fell in love with it, I decided to start a Degree, which was a shock to me when I was accepted! I was always told in my primary school that I was slow and that I would not amount too much, but hey! Here I was studying for a Degree!  After four years hard slog, I finally accepted my BA Honours in Health and Social Care on the 18th July 2018.

This is only a quick and brief outline. Otherwise, we would be here all day. But you get the gist. My individual pages will go into it more and hopefully, you will enjoy the journey and share your experience with me.


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A little crazy a little eccentric. I love my garden, growing herbs etc.. into spirituality and growth. Adore my two dogs who keep me going when my depression overwhelms me. My two best friends furever x

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