Blood moon Friday 27th July 2018

Tonight sees in the Aquarius Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.

It will be the longest lunar eclipse of this century and occurs when the Earth passes between the sun and the moon and will turn in to a bewitching deep blood red colour.

For those of us in the UK, we shall see it between 20:30 pm with total eclipse being from 21:21 until 22:31pm. But the whole event will continue until 02:53am.

As the moon rises in Aquarius, it will also be the second time Mercury goes into retrograde and we also start the Leo season. In simple terms, there will be a lot of emotionally charged times for everyone which people may find difficult to get through. Mercury is known for communication and travel, and at this time can make people feel exhausted.

The best way to deal with any form of emotional distress is to take up the art of meditation to find balance and peace.

Times of India has published rituals to do and not to do during the eclipse. We know that the moon is very powerful when it comes to the tides and as the human body is made up of 60% -70% water, the Times of India suggests that you should not eat during the eclipse as it can cause gases which will give you a bad stomach. They also suggest that you should not drink water which will add to the percentage of water in the body. However, they do advise to take a bath and to meditate during this eclipse.

Many other religions, especially Pagan, believe that this is the time to cleanse your soul. This can be done, again, by taking a cleansing bath, but also use the power of Sage. Sage has been used for centuries to cleanse and purify the vibrations around us and to absorb negative energy that we may be vibration out or that are coming towards us from others.

Whatever you believe, believe that this time of change is a powerful one and there is scientific evidence to prove that the moon is very powerful on the human mind. But most of all, enjoy the wonder of nature and the magic of the eclipse tonight.




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