Wednesday 22nd August 2018

Happy hump day as they call it. I have no idea where that saying comes from, but I know it means we are half way through the week.

And I am in my last week in my current role at work. I am moving on to new pastures, which makes me happy, sad, excited and nervous at the same time.

I explained my reasoning for moving on in my previous blog. It is normal for someone to want personal growth, but I do wish I could take certain people with me. Still, they have their own roads to follow, run and chase things down.

I have learnt a lot, and I am glad I have contributed to how things worked out for them. Even if it was the smallest thing that made a difference. Sometimes just sitting and listening is enough, not judging, just simply listening.

I wonder where my new road may lead me? But I know where ever it will go, it will be exciting, challenging and intriguing.

What are your goals for personal growth? What challenges you?

Photo by Tyler Lastovich from Pexels


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A little crazy a little eccentric. I love my garden, growing herbs etc.. into spirituality and growth. Adore my two dogs who keep me going when my depression overwhelms me. My two best friends furever x

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