Monday 3rd Sept 2018

Today is the start of my new career. I have a busy week ahead with training and sorting out new uniform and, fingers crossed, getting work. I have signed up with a Nursing agency who are well known and have an excellent reputation.

I am a little nervous as there is no guarantee of work, but the sector is really short of staff so I a sure that there will be no problem. Still, knowing that nothing is certain makes me a little nervous. It is almost like being a trapeze artist without a safety net, you know you are a hard worker, talented, but one false move…..

The rest of the week is full of sorting my own health issues out, nothing major, just having boosters which are needed to keep you safe in this type of work, such as having enough antibodies to fight Hep B! Oh, joy!

My main concern is the health of my eldest dog. He was well looked after by my ex-partner for a few days last week while I went up to my old hometown to spend time with parents for my birthday. He contacted me to say that the boy was not being himself and was sleeping a lot. He is nearly 11 years of age and I am worried that age is creeping up on my best friend.  I called the vets this morning and I have to ring back after 1 o’clock to book an emergency appointment. He has gone off his usual food but not biscuits, so I am hoping it is a mixture of being cantankerous and the warm weather we are having. Still, best to get the old boy checked out he is my world and I do worry about him, I am dreading the day when we have to say goodbye.

So are my parents because they know I will be a mess. You see, my boy has been through a lot with me over his lifetime. He has seen a lot of horrible things and a lot of good things happen. He has stuck with me through thick and thin and has given me his paw when I have been sobbing my heart out over bad relationships.

He has shown loyalty and stuck by me when others have walked away when the going gets tough. He has sat with me when I have been recovering from operations, while those who I thought cared for me ran away.

All he asked for in return was my love and to be kept safe, warm and fed. But now he needs me more, as he ages, to look after his health and wellbeing, and as I call myself his Mom, that is exactly what I am going to do for him in his twilight years.